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April 22nd 2024


The Dialics team is attentive to the requests of our users. We are excited to present the Dialics White Label to our dedicated followers.

The White Label allows businesses to use the Dialics platform as their own product, under the name of their own brand. It enables advertisers and marketers to use a ready-made tool instead of investing a budget into its development.

The White Label allows users to modify:

  • the name and logo of the company

  • the menu color palette

  • the view of the buttons

Setting the White Label is described in our help center article. Please contact our team if you have any difficulties with customization. We are always there for you.

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April 11th 2024


The Dialics team is happy to introduce our new feature, the VoIP Shield. It protects your advertising pay-per-call campaigns from fraudulent calls made via a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection. The shield blocks calls from platforms like Skype or WhatsApp. However, the details of such calls are visible in the call log, so users can evaluate how many spam calls they receive.

The feature leads to refined call quality, reduced potential for hacker attacks, and clean call analytics.

Go here to learn more about the feature.

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April 11th 2024


We are glad to let you know about our latest update. The Dialics team has developed the caller profile.

Our users will now know more about their callers. The caller profile is available in the call log and the call summary. You can click on a certain call to get detailed data about it.

The caller profile includes:

  • Carrier

  • Line type

  • Country

  • City

  • Zip code

  • Region

  • Time zone

Contact our team for any issues that may arise. We are happy to be of assistance.

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March 27th 2024


We have recently improved the product to make it easier for the account manager to navigate all the activities on the platform. The functionality is available for account owners and managers only.

The workspace activity demonstrates what was removed, created, or updated on the platform, with an indication of who performed the activity and when. It is possible to filter the data according to the entity type, activity, user email, and user IP.

The update allows for easy monitoring of the activities performed by added members, such as Buyers and Vendors.

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